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Headshot of Dr Michelle Goh Mingli

Dr Michelle Goh Mingli

Medical Director

MBChB (Glasgow)

Dr Michelle Goh is one of the resident doctors at the clinic and is also coincidentally, Dr Goh's eldest kid. She studied Medicine in the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and decided to return back to Singapore to work in the local public hospital following her graduation in 2009.

Briefly during the years 2011-2015, Michelle decided to leap-frog out of the local hospital system and partner her father Dr Goh to launch a regional chain of medical aesthetic clinics called PPP Laser Clinics. Michelle's vision for PPP Laser clinics back then, was to focus solely on providing safe, express and no-downtime laser facials to treat common skin woes such as pores, pimples and pigmentation. Leveraging her father's clinical experience with Nd:yag Lasers since 1992 and the concept of a Skin Gym, she oversaw the clinics as the Group CEO with a singular goal to make non-invasive laser facials affordable, available and accessible for the masses.

Michelle no longer works at the company managing the chain of medical aesthetic clinics but she still adopts a similar set of ethos while working as a Doctor in this clinic: A preference for a gentle, non-aggressive and conservative approach when treating acute skin conditions, irritation, infection, and inflammation.

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